Freezer tips

  • Do not put a large number of unfrozen items into the freezer all at the same time; this will raise the temperature within the freezer, and of the frozen items already in there.
  • When putting unfrozen food into the freezer, allow space around it, to enable cold air to circulate, and to prevent it from raising the temperature of neighbouring frozen items.
  • Remember that frozen food is very difficult to cut or break or separate. Before you freeze any large item, break it down into the sizes that you will want to defrost and use at any one time.
  • If you have a large freezer, it may be helpful to keep an inventory of the contents on the door, so that you know what is in there, and what is reaching the end of its freezer shelf-life.
  • Try to keep your freezer full: wasted space in a freezer is wasted energy.
  • If using the freezer to cool wine quickly, set a timer (to half an hour) to remind you: if you forget the wine, the bottle will break.

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