A brief guide to freezers

Freezers have been part of domestic life in the Western World since the 1950s. But in fact freezing as a way of food preservation is very old indeed – practised for thousands of years by the Inuit (Eskimo) and other northern peoples wherever the winter was long enough to make use of ice holes or ice caves.

We have since learnt that freezing can preserve food because the intense cold inhibits the spoiling activities of bacteria, yeasts, moulds and enzymes. The modern freezer, which keeps food consistently at about – 18ºC (0ºF), is simply a way of bringing the benefits of these extreme weather conditions into our homes.

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Lorna MacLennan 19 May, 2009

I am looking for FREEZER DRAWERS to install underneath my worktop in my kitchen. Do you know of any producers of such a product in the UK.

Bob Mutter 14 August, 2009

I am looking for a freestanding freezer that is approximately 135cm high to fit in confined space. Only options found are too small (around 85cm) or too high at 143cm. Do you know of any?

minniesachar 27 March, 2010

i want a freezer to fit in a cabinet under afridge size w56height79cm

Eric 28 May, 2010

Id like to know which upright freezer performs and is the best buy

Tomm 16 September, 2012

I also am after a freezer which is less than 133 cm high.
The one I had failed. This size just fits under a line of cupboards. I hope the manufacturers are listening.

Liz 30 November, 2012

I too would like to replace our 135cm Hotpoint freezer which fits under the kitchen wall cupboards but there don't seem to be any ! They're either very tall or under the counter types. Help !!

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